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Nagashima Fukushoku

A long established tie manufacturer in Japan

Nagashima Fukushoku Co., Ltd. is founded as a necktie manufacturer in 1947 and established in 1956. Since then, we have produced aiming the best quality and unprecedented products with many experiences and development techniques. Thanks to that, nowadays our products have received highly reputations from top-class department stores and also consumers. We continue to producing sticking to “made in Japan”.

“Made in Japan”

NAGASHIMA which was launched in 2012 is the products which are expressed by Japanese culture and traditional techniques. We are planning and developing based on a concept “introduce the new Japan to the world”. These products which are finished one by one using a fine- grained hand process over details carefully. It is adopted Japanese traditional designs and techniques with top priority.

Company History

• 1947.10 Mr. Takeo Nagashima found a
manufacturing printed ties as a private
• 1956.07 establishment.
Nagashima Fukushoku Co.,Ltd
• 1960.03 and started import Ties from Europe.
Establishment of trading section
• 1961.09 Agreement with BOTANY Industry
for manufacturing Tie and Muffler.
• 1962.08 Started to distribute “BOTANY”
Tie/Muffler which was first business
tie-up in Japan.
• 1964.02 Paris.
• 1965.02 England.
• 1968.06 Agreement with Nina Ricci, Agreement
with Fabarrette, Agreement with Fontana,
Italy! for producing “haute couture” tie.
• 1986.10 Mr. Kiyoshi Suzuki was inaugurated
as new President.
• 1987.07 Started to distribute Tie and Scarf of
Fabric Frontline, Switzerland.
• 1994.01 Started to distribute Tie and Muffler of
Henry Cotton’s, Italy.
• 1997.10 Established 50 years.
• 2001.01 Mr. Yoshiyuki Yashiro was inaugurated
as new President.
• 2007.01 Mr. Motoo Shibuya was inaugurated
as new President.
• 2007.10 Established 60 years