Eminento Inc.

Made in Japan at our Matsuura Factory

Matsuura:Birthplace of world-class quality
smart-line “Echizenya” trousers

World-famous for quality, Echizenya trousers are fashioned
in Matsuura, Japan. Ever since its establishment in 1949 as
a slacks and trousers specialist, Eminento has consistently
striven to make the very best products with the very best
technology and people. This is now a 66-years-and-counting
tradition of quality.
Most of our artisans and other employees are women. A
number have attained meister status, accorded only to
people with extensive experience and outstanding expertise.
They are both deft and meticulous, paying every attention to
detail. They are the reason Echizenya trousers look so good
and wear so well.
In its quest for ever-better quality, Eminento has developed
its own proprietary sewing machines and press equipment.
In-process slacks are ironed and inspected at more than a
dozen steps along the way to ensure every pair fits perfectly
and stays fitting perfectly wear after wear.


Name : Eminento Inc.
Address : Global Headquarters
Minamisemba 3-6-10 Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 542-0081
Tokyo Head Office
Nihonbashi-Kobuna-cho 9-18 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
Capitalization : JPY95 million
President & CEO : Takano Keisuke
Businesslines : Manufacture and sale of men’sslacks
Annualsales : JPY7,156 billion(for year ended August 31, 2010)
Employees : Management 100
Production 235
Contract employees 280
Main Customer : Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, Takashimaya co.ltd,
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores co.ltd,
Hankyu Hanshin Holdings,Inc., Sogo & Seibu co.ltd
Production : Matsuura Plant
Eminento Slacks Co., Ltd, Matsuura Plant
1676 Uramen, Shisa-cho Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki prefecture 859-4501
Phone : 0956 72 0326
Fax : 0956 72 2705
Hoshika Plant
Eminento Slacks Co., Ltd Hoshika Plant
910 Kitakubomen, Hoshika-cho Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki prefecture 859-4741
Phone : 0956 75 2185
Fax : 0956 75 2180